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It’s election season and it’s been a bit of a roller coaster.

If you’re doing something risky like running for leadership, it’s clear that a bump in the tracks can leave you derailed. Not having a Plan B in place can be detrimental. Recent events in the Labour and Green parties can provide some insight:


With Metiria Turei’s downfall the Greens have been left picking up the pieces, seemingly without a plan. It’s been almost two weeks since Metiria’s resignation and the Green’s reigning co-party leader remains co-leaderless. Rather than reinventing their image, they have returned to an old slogan and are lacking the media coverage they had at the start of the Metiria announcements. Clearly the Greens were banking on Metiria riding out the media storm, and when she didn’t they were left reeling.


In contrast, the rise of ‘Jacindamania’ shows that Plan B can be even better than Plan A. Whether we disagree with her views or not, it’s clear Jacinda Ardern vaulted into leadership – and the media spotlight – on the (broken) back of an Andrew-Little-shaped Plan A. Looking at the crowds for Labour’s campaign launch, we can say that she’s been a highly effective Plan B. She’s been talking politics that has spoken to an up-until-recently uninspired Labour membership. Unlike the Greens, in the few weeks since Little stepped aside, Jacinda swept in with a new slogan, newly wrapped policy announcements, and a rock-star levels of enthusiasm – all smoothly executed points on the Plan B checklist.

The time difference between each of the resignations is only a matter of days, yet the Greens seem to be floundering and Jacinda has her eye on their confused voters.

Our advice?

Have a Plan B. Get the experts to help you put one together. Take the uncertainty out of the unknown and give yourself the chance to power through when your initial ride goes off the tracks.

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